This is episode 3 of the Passing Notes Podcast Tech Series. The Tech Series is focused on the different aspects of technology use in the school.

For episode 3 of the Tech Series we focused on integrating technology through a school-wide initiative. Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lived experiences, and the classroom is no exception. Principals have used their instructional leadership capacity to drive how technology is used throughout the school. Creating a vision and plan for a school, including how technology practices will be implemented in the classroom, is an important aspect of school-wide practice.

For this episode I interviewed Rhonda Schroeder. Rhonda is the principal at Arthur Elementary in Oklahoma City Public Schools. Rhonda and her staff have worked to increase the technology integration throughout the school. I visited with Rhonda about the process that Arthur Elementary has gone through and what advice she has for other schools wanting to move forward with technology in their schools. You can find Rhonda on Twitter @rhondaschroeder

Below are the questions I prepared to ask Rhonda (there were some follow up questions in the podcast that are not included below):

  1. Tell me about your background and experience as an educator.
  2. How is your school different? How do you describe your school to someone who is visiting for the first time?
  3. What was the tech grant your school received? How has that grant changed/empowered your school? Your teachers?
  4. When you applied for the grant what did you envision for your school?
  5. What is your tech vision for your school? What are your steps/plan moving forward?
  6. Buy in and professional development had to have been important aspects of implementation of this tech grant; what did that look like in your school? What steps did you take?
  7. How did you/the grant provide scaffolds for your teachers varying levels of knowledge/comfort with technology? What on-going supports do you have in place?
  8. What teaching strategies are most beneficial in implementing technology in the classroom?
  9. How does technology look different for your kindergarten classrooms? Your 4th grade students? (doesn’t have to be those exact grades… thinking more early childhood/upper elementary comparison)
  10. What is the STEM component to the grant? How does that look in your school?
  11. What advice do you have for principals wanting to invest more in the technology infrastructure of their school?
  12. What has been the biggest struggle through this process?
  13. What resources do you direct administrators to who are interested in investing in more technology in their schools?

This episode was recorded at and mastered by Design Tunnel in downtown OKC!

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