This is episode 4 of the Passing Notes Podcast Tech Series. The Tech Series is focused on the different aspects of technology use in the school.

For episode 4 we focused on gamification. While gamification might not necessarily be technology dependent, gamifying your classroom is a form of innovation that goes well with other forms of technology integration, i.e., flipped classrooms. Gamification takes the aspects of gaming that your students already know and love and implements those aspects into the classroom.

To talk about gamification I visited with Dr. Scott Haselwood. Scott is currently the Instructional Technology Director at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Oklahoma State University. Scott has a strong passion for gamification that he shares with other educators.  You can find Scott on Twitter @TeachFromHere or check out his blog Teaching From Here.

Below are the questions I prepared to ask Dr. Haselwood (there were some follow up questions in the podcast that are not included below):

  1. Share about your role and education experience.
  2. What is gamification?
  3. How did you get started in using gamification?
  4. How do teachers implement gamification strategies in their classroom?
  5. How does using the process of gamification meet expected and mandated skills/standards for a grade level?
  6. What benefits does gamification have on student learning?
  7. What benefits does gamification have on student engagement?
  8. How should teachers lesson plan for gamification?
  9. What specific teaching strategies come into play when teaching using gamification?
  10. What role does classroom management have in teaching using gamification?
  11. What roles does student choice have in teaching using gamification?
  12. How is gamification changing professional development for teachers?
  13. What advice do you have for teachers who are interested in implementing gamification in their classroom?
  14. What are your go to resources?

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