This is episode 6 of the Passing Notes Podcast Tech Series. The Tech Series is focused on teaching digital citizenship.

For episode 6 of the Tech Series we focused on Digital Citizenship. “How do we teach Digital Citizenship in our increasingly digital world,” is a constant and an important question of educators? Digital Citizenship is an important aspect of teaching digital literacy. We all know our students know how to use technology but do they know how to use it appropriately and how can we help them to use technology responsibly in an ever changing landscape.

For this episode I interviewed Eric Hileman. Eric is the Executive Director of Informational Technology for Oklahoma City Public Schools. If it has anything to do with technology in the district, Eric is the guy, from using technology in the classroom to making technology decisions for the district – Eric is involved. Eric is passionate about teaching with technology for the right purposes and uses. He also believes that citizenship is important, digital and otherwise. You can find Eric Hileman on twitter @eshileman. Links will be added in the comments of resources that Eric mentions throughout the interview.

Below are the questions I prepared to ask Eric (there were some follow up questions in the podcast that are not included below):

  1. Introduce yourself (background/experience)
  2. Tell us about what you do for OKCPS?
  3. What is Digital Citizenship?
  4. Let’s talk standards – what are your thoughts on the Digital Citizenship standards? How do teachers implement throughout their lesson planning?
  5. Why is it an important for educators to know about Digital Citizenship?
  6. How do teachers introduce the concepts of Digital Citizenship?
  7. How do teachers support the concepts behind Digital Citizenship?
  8. How do teachers support students when mistakes in Digital Citizenship are made?
  9. What ways can teachers model Digital Citizenship?
  10. What strategies should teachers implement when teaching Digital Citizenship?
  11. There seems to be a wide variety of ability in using technology with teachers… what advice do you have for teachers who are not confident in utilizing technology but need to find ways to implement the standards for Digital Citizenship?
  12. Playing with technology is beneficial for students and teachers to learn how to use new tech… how can Digital Citizenship skills support students as they try out new technology and new uses for technology?
  13. Let’s talk about parents… what do teachers need to communicate with parents about Digital Citizenship? How can parents support their children developing these skills?
  14. In what ways can mastering Digital Citizenship skills help students in other academic areas? Social areas?
  15. What strand of Digital Citizenship do you think teachers need the most support?
  16. How can teachers tie civic engagement in with Digital Citizenship?
  17. How can teachers teach empathy through Digital Citizenship skills?
  18. What are your go-to resources?

This episode was recorded at and mastered by Design Tunnel in downtown OKC!

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